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Where I, Tim Dunn, Realtor, offer buyers and sellers rebates and discounts as incentives to choose my real estate services - Serving the greater Seattle metropolitan area and western Snohomish County

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Where I, Tim Dunn, Realtor, offer home buyers and home sellers the best value in real estate services in the Puget Sound region. Save thousands of dollars the next time you buy or sell a home.

My services for home sellers

List your home for 1/3 the usual seller's agent's commission!

I offer all of the services that the other realtors offer, but I ask for only 1/3 of the usual commission for representing you when you sell your home.

This requires some explanation. The commission for selling a home normally goes to two agents, and the brokerage companies that they represent. One part of the commission goes to the agent and company that list your home for sale with the multiple listing service. The second part of the commission goes to the agent (and the company that he represents) that work directly with the buyer that ultimately buys your home. This usually adds up to 6% of the selling price of your home.

I ask for one third of the usual selling agent's commission, or 1%. It is up to you, the seller, to choose a buyer's agent's commission. The usual buyer's agent's commission is 3%. If you select a lower commission for a buyer's agent, you will probably have fewer showings of your home, and may take longer to sell it. The decision is yours. I have seen sellers successfully offer 2% to buyer's agents, which would give you a total commission of 3.5%, instead of the usual 6%.

I suggest that you consider offering the buyer's agent less than 3% only if you have no urgent need to sell your home, and have no mortgage, or only a small one. If you do have a significant mortgage, or a schedule to keep, I suggest offering the buyer's agent a 3% commission, for a total commission of 4.5%.

This discount offer is not to be confused with listing services or discount brokerages. I offer all of the services that you expect from a full-fee agent working for a nationally-known brokerage firm.

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How can I afford to discount my services?

Many people wonder, "What's the catch?" feeling that if you pay less, you must receive less. The short answer is, you are not paying for an expensive advertising campaign whose sole purpose is to get you to choose to do business with that particular heavily-advertised real estate firm.

I am not splitting my commissions with a brokerage firm, as I would be if I were working with a heavily-advertised firm. It is not unusual for brokerage firms to receive up to 1/2 of the commission that the home seller pays. Most of this goes to pay for advertising which doesn't benefit the home seller or home buyer at all. My brokerage firm, Executive Real Estate, provides me with services for a flat monthly fee which is much lower fee than is usual in the real estate business, and I pass the savings on to you, the customer.

My listings receive just as much coverage through the multiple listing service as the heavily-advertised firms listings--and it is the multiple listing service listing that sells homes.

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What real estate services do I provide for you?

1) I will make sure that you understand the home selling process. (A valuable service if you are a first time home seller, or have not sold a home recently.)

2) I will give you information about realistic current pricing for your home, by comparing your home to similar homes to yours, located close to your home, which have recently sold. (This is called a CMA, or comparative market analysis.) I also provide you with information about what similar properties are currently being offered on the market, so you can understand what your home is competing with.

3) I will list your home for sale in the North West Multiple Listing Service. As a member of the multiple listing service, I have access to all of the buyers and buyer's agents in my area that are looking for homes for sale in the multiple listing service's website, and the many affiliated websites.

4) I will provide a for sale sign for your yard, and professionally prepared flyers for potential buyers to take.

5) I will explain what fees are customarily paid by the home seller in your area, and give you a good faith estimate of the general fees involved in selling a home in your area.

6) I am your fiduciary, which means that I am legally required to represent your best interests. This means that you can regard me as an adviser that you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

7) I will provide the standard forms necessary to offer your home for sale, and help you to understand them and fill them out.

8) I will negotiate on your behalf, and explain the meaning of the forms incorporated in the purchase offers that you receive. There are a number of forms that are a part of an offer to purchase a home, and I am an expert in knowing what these forms mean, and how to evaluate them. This is by no means a simple matter, as different forms have different legal and financial ramifications.

9) I will co-ordinate all offers, notices, inspections, payments, and communications with the buyer's agent and the escrow company that handles the funds for your purchase.

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What do I pay for?

I pay for professional licensing by the state, continuing education tuition, multiple listing service membership dues, professional association dues, fees to the brokerage firm that I represent, office equipment, office supplies and internet access fees, and all signs, advertisements, and flyers. I also pay business and occupation taxes, labor and industries taxes, professional insurance, and telephone, cell phone, and fax service.

In addition I also pay for the advertising which brought you to this website, and the website itself, which you are viewing.

So, your my net commission consists of the commission paid to me by you, the seller, minus all of the above expenses. I receive no wages, no salary, and no health insurance or retirement benefits, and I don't get paid until you complete selling your home using my real estate services.

* * * * *

Does it pay sellers to remodel?

The answer is: Very rarely, and never very much. Click on this link to see the details for the latest report: Cost Vs. Value Report at Remodeling Online's website.

* * * * *

LEGAL NOTICE: The rebate and discount offers made on this website are offers made by me, Tim Dunn, to real estate buyers or real estate sellers who contract with me. They are not offers made by any brokerage firm. I reserve the right to refuse to represent sellers who offer lower commissions than I choose to accept, and I reserve the right to not represent buyers who wish to purchase properties whose sellers offer commissions lower than I choose to accept.

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