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    The Dangers Of
    A subject that everyone should learn and understand to protect the lives of drivers.

Driving While Drowsy

One of the main subjects repeated during Driver's Ed Class is the dangers of driving while drowsy. If you drive while you are sleepy, you considerably increase your chances of crashing due to your slowed senses. Sleepiness causes your bodily functions to slow down, making it harder for your reflexes to kick in, as well as your ability to safely judge what you should do in order to get to your intended destination.

  • Your Body Slows Down
    Not getting enough sleep

    When your body needs rest it slows down the functions of the rest of your body (i.e. slower breathing, slower thought process, etc.). This means that your alertness and reflexes also slow down, increasing the risk of a crash. Sleep is a necessary bodily function, and prolonging the necessary rest can be harmful. Getting less hours of sleep than what is considered healthy, and still driving can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

  • Who Can Get Drowsy?
    Drowsiness can happen to anyone

    People who do not get enough sleep are the most obvious ones who fall asleep at the wheel. But there are others who fall asleep who did get enough sleep the night before. Truck drivers, bus drivers, and even tractor drivers can easily fall asleep as they are pulling long hours on the road without something to stimulate their brain. Even people who use medications to fall asleep can suffer the side effects of the medication while on the road.

  • Should You Drive Or Not?
    Be a responsible driver

    The consequences of driving while groggy may not happen to everyone, but that doesn't mean they should drive while sleepy. Too many cases for one Fort Worth truck accident attorney involve truck drivers who were driving too many hours and became drowsy on the road. So even if you are the type of person who can go through an entire day on a mere three hours of sleep, you should still find some way to give your body the rest it needs.

Getting Enough Sleep

In order to combat drowsiness, get at least the minimum required hours of sleep. Doctors recommend different lengths of sleep for each age group, so be sure to research your recommended requirement. If you cannot get the minimum hours, due to insomnia, sleep apnea, or late work nights, try to invest in a type of energy drink to keep you awake such as a cup of coffee. This may not be the ideal solution and should only be temporary. Get your sleep!

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